12000A Large power with
2000Hz, Water Cooling System
Suitable for welding of High Tensile Steel


●You will realize 12000A power with

2000Hz, which is much more efficient than 12000A with 1000Hz
●High frequency operation results in less power consumption.
●Built-in transformer is 25% lighter than competitive welders.
●Light weight design makes the unit essy to move or carry.


Input Power 200V/400V / 3 phases
Rated Input Power (100%) 65 KVA
Rated Input Power (50%) 22 KVA
Inverter frequency 2000 Hz
Secondary Maximum Welding Current 14000 ADC
Secondary No Loading Power 1V~26V
Dimension 300 (W) x 500 (D) x 480mm (H) welder only
Welder on the cabinet 625 (W) x 860 (D) x 1370mm (H)
Weight 115 kgs (total)

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