ASI-12000T-II (water cooled)

Operating Panel

X-Gun (Option)

ASI -12000T- 2 spot welds High Tensile Panels with large power, nevertheless the electric consumption is less than competitive spot welders.Motor powered cable support allows you to operate Airgun quite freely, also Cable stand with wheels helps you to operate Airgun more lightly, more easily


● ASI-12000T- 2 supplies large power of 12000A, but less power consumption

●The controll panel stores various panel's data such as welding power and time

●Comes with detachable (+) (-) Steel welding cables

●The spotter has built-in 2 x large size cooling fans

● Prepared leather covers avoid cable jumping


Input Voltage 220V/400V 50-60Hz / 3 phase
Rated Input Power (100%) 65 KVA
Rated Input Power (50%) 22KVA
Inverter Frequency 2000 Hz
Max Output Current 12000A DC
No Load Power 1V~26V
Dimensions 300 x 500 x 480mm welder only
Welder on trolley 624 W x 860 D x 1,370mm H
Weight Total 120 kg
Standard Accessories : Water Cooled C Air Gun, Wheel Arch Arm, Cable Support w/cable stand & Trolley Wagon
Optional Arms : 320mm U Arm, 450mm Arm, 700mm Arm, Wide Arm & Single Spot Holder
Optional Air Gun : X type Air Gun (water cooled) / Max 300 kgf pressure Water cooled Airgun allows you consecutive spot welding, X - Gun covers the area where C type Air Gun is difficult to use

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