C/W Air Cooling Shrink

Shrink Retention Function
Only Hirane's has the Shrink function with Combi stud welder c/w Air Cooling Shrink (single roller) set


● The welder accumulates the electricity in the condensor and then discharge at once in 1/1000 sec
● As high temperature does not come, burned marks won't be remained
● Stud Welding without burned marks on back side of the panel
●Air Cooling Shrink is much quicker and easier than wet cloths cooling
● Detachable Steel welding cable comes with


Input Voltage 220V 50-60Hz / Single phase
Max Output for 20〜100V.DC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max Input 12.5 KVA
Dimensions 390 x 320 x 740mm
Weight 45 kgs
Standard accessories :
Washers, Aluminum Pull Studs, Steel Pull Studs, Pull Rings, Washer adaptor Copper Shrink, Carbon Pencils, Rolling Spot Electrode & Air Cooling Shrink system
Optional Pullers :
Handy Puller /Hook w/50mm dia foot, Handy Puller /Tip, Rapid Puller, Mini Piller and so on

  c/w Air Cooling Shrink (single roller)


Auto Spotter

  1. Mini Spotter AS-60
  2. ASI-12000T
  3. ASI-12000T-II
  4. ASI-14000T-2
  5. AS-1500GII
  6. AS-50

Carbon Heater

  1. VMC-7000C
  2. VMC-8000C

Paint Booth

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