Cable Support


Motor powered cable support allows you to operate Airgun quite freely, also Cable stand with wheels helps you to operate Airgun more lightly,more easily. The Cable Stand with 4 casters support the weight and moves freely in wide area, and it allows you much easier Airgun operation. The adjustment for stand height is up to 112 cm.


Auto Spotter

  1. Mini Spotter AS-60
  2. ASI-12000T
  3. ASI-12000T-II
  4. ASI-14000T-2
  5. AS-1500GII
  6. AS-50

Carbon Heater

  1. VMC-7000C
  2. VMC-8000C

Paint Booth

Other Products

  1. Air Cooling Shrink
  2. X Gun (water cooled)
  3. Cable Support
  4. Handy Pullers
  5. Pullers


  1. Consumable Supplies