Standard accessories

1.Copper-Straightening-Tip 2.Washer
4.Carbon-Shrink-Tip 5.Rolling-Spot-Tip


Innovated,epoc-making and compact sized automobile body repairer.Quality job is promised in less time and less effort.


It can do quick and satisfactory job of automobile body repairing. So easy to pull out dents from outside. Why not let every repair-man own one unit.

NO complicated switches Easy to operated but perfect job is ensured with the system of automatic continuuus-welding.

With the capacity of the hight power, 4m extension-cord(Optional-parts)can be connected from the unit.


Primary Input 220V-240V 50Hz, Single Phase
MAX. Input 12.5VA(Within 30A Braker)
Rated Capacity 1.4KVA at use of 50%
Duty Cycle 5%
MAX. Output 2200A
Input Power Cord 3cores,4m

White cord is for ground earth

Out Power Cord + ,- 1 each(+4mm
Dimensions H206xW185xD265
Weight 20kgs

Auto Spotter

  1. Mini Spotter AS-60
  2. ASI-12000T
  3. ASI-12000T-II
  4. ASI-14000T-2
  5. AS-1500GII
  6. AS-50

Carbon Heater

  1. VMC-7000C
  2. VMC-8000C

Paint Booth

Other Products

  1. Air Cooling Shrink
  2. X Gun (water cooled)
  3. Cable Support
  4. Handy Pullers
  5. Pullers


  1. Consumable Supplies