Wide & hight enough for big Cars


4.5m width front entrance is wide enough for large European cars, and 6.8m deep
large room allows you to do comfortable painting work. Various kinds of layout for heating unit or entrance types are available Prices are so reasonable !

Outer dimensions 7,020mm (L) x 6,220mm (W) x 3,200mm (H)
Inner dimensions 6,900mm (L) x 4,500mm (W) x 2,800mm (H)
Air blow capacity 26,000 m3/h
Wind speed 0.35m/s
Air ventilation 320 times/h
Max Heating output 150,000 kcal
Light brightness power 800 lux
Fluorescence light 40w x 32pcs 18w x 28pcs
Sound level inside 80 dBA
Power consumption 15.8 kw
Doors 3 doors

Auto Spotter

  1. Mini Spotter AS-60
  2. ASI-12000T
  3. ASI-12000T-II
  4. AS-1500GII
  5. AS-50

Carbon Heater

  1. VMC-6000C
  2. VMC-DX6000
  3. VMC-DX4200

Paint Booth

  1. HDK-1157

Other Products

  1. Air Cooling Shrink
  2. X Gun (water cooled)
  3. Cable Support
  4. Handy Pullers
  5. Other Expendables


  1. Consumable Supplies