Heater Tube

The Heater tube contains of a lamp and built-in reflector with gas The system keeps the reflectors clean and gives 100% heating efficiency Light weight, stable and easy to move around
The lamp cassette moves towards up & down softly by using gas spring


● Keeps inside reflectors always clean as the tubes are air gas tight, no dust comes in, there is no loss of heating
●Quick start, completes peak power in 4 seconds
● Lamp cassette max 2.25m high
● Independent switches for 3 lamps

Input Voltage 220V 50-60Hz / Single phase/ 3 phase

1.8 kw x 3 pcs, total 5.4 kw

Lamp Cassette 1,160 mm wide
Dimensions 730 mm x 900 mm (stand), 2.00m (pole)
Weight 45 kgs



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